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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shopping on Sunday!

On Sunday, we took the subway back to Seomyeon to shop at a store called Migliore with Jess and Carlos. My co-teacher, Stella, told us about. It’s an indoor mall, but nothing like you’ve ever seen in America!

It’s 6 stories tall. I took this picture from the food court on the 6th floor, looking down!

This place had a movie theatre, arcade, grocery store, gym, food court, and tons and tons and tons of amazing high fashion clothes! The shops are about the size of a typical bedroom and are all decorated with their own unique style, and they all cater to people our age. Kevin was having the time of his life in there! I told him I’ll be chaperoning him every time he goes!

Before we went shopping, the 4 of us went to a little cafe nearby. Kevin ordered a waffle for breakfast, and this is what he got!

On our way to Migliore, we stopped to watch Carlos try to play this claw game on the street. These are EVERYWHERE in the market areas.

After shopping, we all went to a restaurant that specializes in shobu shobu, which is a type of Korean meal. They serve you very thin slices of raw meat or pork and then you dip it into boiling hot water that has vegetables and spices in it! It cooks the meat within just a couple seconds. It was ssssooooo good! The owner was very helpful and kept saying how much Kevin and I looked like movie stars!

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