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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I guess this means goodbye...

Hey!  I'm alive after over a month of blogging hibernation! I actually decided to quit writing my blog when we started getting busy photographing full time.  It just became too much to continually write and take & edit photographs for this blog and our photography website.  So, I made myself put my camera down one day, somewhere during our week in Maine, and told myself to just enjoy the last 3 weeks of our road trip and our new home in Charleston without journaling every move.  But, I figured that after writing nearly every day for 4 years, I should probably give this place a final farewell. 

 Before I officially say goodbye, I'll give one last Osteen update for ya!  We've been living in Charleston now for almost 2 weeks and renting an awesome house that's 0.2 miles from Folly Beach (oh yeah!), we have a lovable 8 year old 100 lb dog named Cash who wakes us up every morning by moving his big fat body up next to us so we can all spoon together, we officially own a business now and work from home - sometimes in our PJ's!  We have breakfast together and make coffee in our new Kourig in the mornings, we take walks on the beach with Cash every night after dinner (and sometimes go for a lil swim, since the ocean feels like a bathtub here!!!) and we just bought adorable beach cruisers, so now we go almost everywhere on our bikes!  We're busy, everyday, setting up the business, creating business cards, designing the website, finalizing our logo (Thanks Keri!)...updating our Aaron Nicholas Photography Facebook page and ANP Instagram pages (which we'd love for you to "like" and be a part of if you're not already), meeting with business tax guys, having coffee with wedding planners and other wedding photographers, and enjoying every single second of it! (Weddings are definitely on the brain these days.)

So, I may not be updating here on my beloved blog anymore, but I will however continue to update my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts with photos around town and on future adventures, so feel free to follow me there. :)  Let this not be a goodbye, but a see ya around instead!

Love, Jill