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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The 6th graders all came to school this morning to find out which of the 4 neighborhood Middle Schools they'll be attending in March. (It's done by a lottery system in Korea and their elementary school teachers tell them). My entire hallway erupted, for at least an hour, with the loudest screams as the students found out which middle school they were assigned. They seemed to be either really excited, or really bummed about the news...  Either way, it was the SAME sounding, blood curdling, scream!  Gotta love overly dramatic Korean preteens! blog-signature

Just call me "Jill Productive!"

There's nothing more satisfying (okay, I'm slightly over exaggerating) than laying down in my bed at night pulling the covers up to my chin and realizing just how productive I was during the day!  If I ever sit down and do nothing for more than 3 minutes, Aaron will either ask me if I'm okay, or tell me he loves to see me relaxing.  :)  I'm a doer, through and through!  If you worked with me at Millennium High School, back home, you KNOW I'm intense!  I like to get things done, and WAY ahead of time! 

When the bills come in the mailbox downstairs, I'll sometimes turn around and walk right over to the bank and pay them. When a friend asks me to help design their blog, I'll work the next 24-48 hours straight getting it done.  If I feel like our apartment is a little messy, I'll put things away and then re-organize my entire closet before I sit back down!  Like I said, I'm intense (and this is an improvement from 5 years ago!) lol! 

Today was one of those productive days!  I started out with a bus ride over to Seomyeon's H&M, where I spent $36.79 TOTAL on these three coats) and saved $223.59 from the original price!  

Okay, that wasn't really productive, but it was GREAT!  With 35 days left before we leave Korea, I decided to start packing.  (See what I mean about doing things WAY ahead of time!)  I'm now 95% packed for our month in Indonesia, and all of my summer clothes have been rolled up and neatly packed into a box to ship home, or the suitcase I'm taking to America for our road trip!  ... All while Aaron sat nearby, laughing inside (I'm sure) that I was doing this so early!  Good news for him is, I'll probably pack all of his stuff too... Good news for me is, he'll probably cook me a delicious dinner and tell me how wonderful I am!  Sounds like a nice trade to me!   blog-signature