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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Semi permanent eyelashes!

Koreans love any and ALL beauty enhancing treatments and most are pretty cheap!  I've talked before about how having their eyes made larger through plastic surgery ($1000) is a common gift for high school graduates!  So, it's no surprise that having semi-permanent eyelashes ($35) glued onto their new larger eyes is no big deal around here! 

My friend Gill told me about a nail salon / semi-permanent eye lash place that was on the first floor of her apartment building, we decided we needed to check it out!  So, yesterday I arrived at 12pm for my own personal semi-permanent eyelash appointment!  As a side note, I've only ever worn fake eyelashes on my wedding day... So this was very new to me!

I took the subway to Kyungsung and came out exit #2, made a left and walked up the hill to the entrance of Marronnier Town.

Then walked in the lobby and found Coco on the left!  So easy and convenient!  I was met by the owner, a super sweet girl in her 30's, who spoke just enough English for our interaction to run smoothly!  :)  She knew I was coming so she had pre-prepared an hour long playlist of ALL English songs for me to listen to during the procedure!  Sweet huh?!

I say procedure, because it sure felt like one!  I layed down on a bed in the back of the salon and was told to close my eyes.  (BTW: I had NO idea what to expect) She turned on a BRIGHT white light over my face and placed tape between my top eyelid and bottom (OUCH!).  That was the MOST painful part, thank goodness. The rest was easy peasy as she hand glue one eyelash on at a time! 

Here's a little before and after photo of my eyes.  My eyelashes are naturally blonde at the tips, so when I use mascara they appear much longer than in this picture (left), but now I don't need any mascara AT ALL!  I'm not sure yet if I'll trim them - they are a bit long... Regardless, these semi-permanent eyelashes will last about a month and a half - maybe longer because she put A LOT on!  
*** She has a lot of different options too for length, curl, fullness. Whatever you want, she can do.

If you live in Busan and are interested in trying these, here's her info!  Her prices are better than most places I've heard of too. 
1 time = 50,000 won
3 times = 100,000 won

Who wants to go with me for my next appointment?