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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TGIF... but it's Tuesday!

Last night, I met Okk and Monica (my co-teacher last year) at Lotte Department store for dinner at T.G.I.Friday's.  I hadn't seen Monica since our last dinner together, so it we had a lot to catch up on! She is definitely THE MOST feisty, outgoing, perceptive, and honest Korean I've ever met and these 4 photos sum up our relationship to a T!  We start off normal...

Then we try to be cute...

Then I try to be cute while Monica tries to convince me to be normal again!

Then she realizes I'm not going to stop, so she joins in with me!

And then I ham it up for the camera while she gives up and just laughs at me!  lol

If only I could sit still and be normal for one picture, like these two!

We had the best time catching up while sharing fried mushrooms, chicken salad and chop steak.  

I would have loved to have stayed longer than the 2 hours we spent together, but I had to rush home to take care of my feverish husband and hand off Maverick to his new mommy.  That's a whole different story which I probably wont blog about because it was so sad. I'm missing him like crazy already, but am happy he has a new mom to love and adore his cute little face! 

They call this a job?

This is how my co-teachers and I have been spending most of our afternoons at work lately!
We work HARD during the school year, so we happen to think we deserve the down time as the school year winds down! :)  Okk can usually be found with her back to her desk and her feet propped up while reading a new English book!

Loola can usually be found at her desk, playing on her Samsung Note, texting, reading her friends blogs or whatever else she does on that thing!  :)

... and I can almost always be found at my desk browsing Pinterest, watching TV online, researching and homes in Charleston, watching youtube tutorials about photography, checking e-mails, writing blogs, skyping, researching for Indonesia and our American road trip, making reservations, shopping online, drinking coffee or tea and all around being pretty darn lazy at my desk!

  And they call this a job!  
For the record, I had no intention of posting these photos and I even told them that I was just practicing... but when I saw these pictures, a blog idea came to mind and I couldn't resist posting about our afternoons!

Thanks for 4 years of the best job I've ever had Korea!