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Hey, I'm Jill!

I started this blog back in February of 2009 as a way to keep my family and friends in the loop as I headed off on an adventure of a lifetime- to teach English abroad in Busan, South Korea.  Little did I know that I would spend the next 4 years in Asia or that this simple blog would turn into my most cherished historical artifact. Yes, historical because I practically documented my every move for all to see.  I apparently have no shame!

I hope that you enjoy reading along and laughing about the silly things my Korean students say and do, drooling over the yummy Korean food I regularly indulge in, getting the urge to buy some fabric and sew a fun craft, shedding a tear here and there as you get to know the unbelievable story of how my husband and I met and fell in love, and are inspired to travel the world after seeing the crystal clear waters of Thailand, the rice terraces of Indonesia, the Geisha in Japan and the temples of Cambodia, to name a few!

This is my story.


  1. Okay, Jill. I'm not sure how to send you an email to ask you this silly question, so I'm just putting it on here. Do you have any idea how and where to have regular, every day pictures from my digital camera printed in Busan? I know we don't live in the same area of Busan, but maybe you have a suggestion that would work for where I live as well. ?? Back home, I would upload them to Walgreens and then go pick them up later that day. I'm at a loss, as I have been for 8 months on how to do this. Silly, I know, but I thought I'd ask before you jet off from Korea. Thanks!

    1. Hey, I actually use a photo developing place in Nampodong, but that's obviously really far from you. Hve you checked your local Homeplus / E-mart? They usually have a printing area. Also, Costco will do them if you have a costco card. If those 3 don't work, just look for the Kodak, Fuji, etc signs as you walk down the street. They seem to be everywhere on this side of town. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Jill! I happened to come across your blog while researching for elf pension and I really like it!
    I hope I can travel around the world like you do!
    Can I check with you how do you contact the person in charge for elf pension?
    I really wanted to stay there for my graduation trip in Korea but there is no reply from them despite numerous emails.
    Sorry for this sudden message and thanks!

    1. Hey June! I wish I could help you out with that, but I no longer have my iphone and the phone number was saved on it. They're not good about responding to e-mails, so try all of the phone numbers you can find on their website. When someone answers ask for someone who speaks English and they'll hand the phone to the guy! Good luck and enjoy your trip there! :)

    2. Thanks for your help! Greatly appreciated! :)

  3. Dear Jill!
    I'm a big fan of your blog and your pictures!
    Please don't stop blogging here ;)
    Best regards from Germany