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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy birthday Meagan!

Happy Birthday Meagan!  Welcome to 27! 

Last Tuesday night, 10 of us got together at 7:45pm to celebrate Meagan's birthday at a shabu shabu restaurant in Seomyeon!  We all huddled around a little table and chowed down on the most delicious veggies...

... and meat (which I didn't eat, because I'm 90% vegetarian now! lol) It was really nice to get together with friends on a school night, since most of us wait till the weekends to get together, and of course to celebrate a birthday!  Who doesn't love birthdays?!

Love these kids!
Ash and Adam

Chris and Stella

This picture makes me laugh!  It's awesome on so many levels... 
Meagan, Grace and Jeff.

Cilla and JuHye

Me and Ashley

... and one of our tables, packed to the brim with deliciousness! 

 Hope 27 is a great year for you Meagan... Happy, happy birthday!