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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday with Stella!

On Saturday, Kevin and I spent the afternoon and night with Stella! She came to our apartment at 3:00pm to pick us up and took us on the 2 buses to my school, so I would know how to get to work on Monday. When we got there, she called a bunch of teachers at the school to get the janitor's phone number, so he could come open the door for us so Kevin could see my classroom! She goes above and beyond! I love her! These are pictures inside my school...

My hallway on the 4th floor.

My classroom...

After we saw the school she took us to a HUGE market by our apartment. I found out she had a boyfriend and asked her if we could meet him. Apparently in Korea, people don't mix work and family, so she was HONORED that we asked to meet him. He came and met us for dinner at a fried chicken restaurant in the market. They are adorable!

We ordered 1 plate of chicken for all of us, and barely finished it, and Stella ordered ANOTHER whole plate! I think I gained 10 lbs that night.

Stella and her boyfriend insisted that they be able to pay for our entire meal, even when we begged them to let us pay! It was very sweet of them. After dinner, we told them we were meeting our friends to go out for the night. They were both concerned about us taking the subway, not knowing any Korean, so they rode the subway 5 stops with us and got off and made sure we were able to find our friends! I am blessed to have such a wonderful co-teacher and she has told me over and over again how happy she is that I am her co-teacher! I think it's going to be a wonderful year!

After we met up with our friends, we all walked around to the different bars and clubs to see what the nightlife was like in Korea. It was a blast! We did a whole lot of dancing!!

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