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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And just like that... It's over.

Today was my last day as a teacher in Korea.  Plain and simple.  
My. Very. Last.
I teach 6th graders on Thursdays, so Loola and I thought it would be fun to play pictionary with them today.  It was a huge success and made for a really fun and memorable last teaching day.  

1 kid at a time would come up to Loola's desk and draw the pictures on her computer in the paint program, which was hilarious!  Have you ever tried to draw a picture with a computer mouse?!  It's bound to look like the rendering of a small child!  So, the pictures would be projected onto the wall and the students could guess from their desks.
I've numbered each picture, so you can take your own guess at what the drawings are. The answers are at the bottom of this post. Good luck!

At 12:00pm, the bell rang, and my last class of students filed out of class giving me hugs and sad faces and even some tears at the door, and I was left with this... an empty classroom.  
And just like that... It's over. 

I'm so thankful for this school... the teachers... the students... the parents. It's been such a great experience working here, and something I won't soon forget.

Pictionary Answers:
#1: bus, toothbrush, octopus, desk, dinosaur, notebook, diamond ring.
#2: home, apple juice, rainbow, computer, chair. 
#3: school, zebra, clock, socks, umbrella, butterfly. 
 #4: birthday cake, pen, computer, island, cat.
#5: elephant, shoes, nose, mountain, pig, 2 trees, hearts, legs.  
#6: giraffe, glasses, snowman, boat, bank.