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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Please vote!

In about 3 months and counting, Aaron and I will no longer have a paycheck to rely on and will quite possibly end up starving photographers! (Cross your fingers and PRAY that doesn't happen!)  But, just in case, I've entered 6 of our travel photos into a little photo contest on the Smarter Travel Website called "Your Best Travel Photo of 2012"!

We actually have a decent chance of winning because we won an honorable mention for 2 of our photos in last years contest!  So, please help us win the big prize this year - roundtrip airfare for two with a value of up to $2,500 from Vayama!  Honorable mentions will win between $25 and $250! Hey, every dollar counts when you're trying to start a business! 

I entered the following 6 photos into the contest. Vote by clicking on any/all of these photos (which will take you to the Smarter Travel website) and click on the "5 stars" underneath the pic!  Vote once a day and I'll love you forever!