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Monday, September 5, 2011

Jeshi came to visit!

On Wednesday night, my phone rang, and it was Jess, in Seoul, asking if I had any plans for the weekend!  YAY!  I knew this meant she was probably coming to Busan for a spontaneous weekend trip!  She called me the next morning and said Carlos (AKA: Mayo) was coming too! ... Unfortunately he wasn't able to make it last minute... hence the confusion of the sign which hung as a welcome on my front door!

Remember Stella... my sweet Korean friend who I had dinner with about a month ago?  Well, she is staying in the hospital for a little while, so Jess and I took the subway over to the other side of town to spend the afternoon with her, cuddling in her hospital bed! (BTW: If you know Stella and are curious as to why she's there, please don't write anything on her FB wall... send her a msg instead!) 

Before we got there, Jess and I picked up some things we knew she would love: magazines, a crispy creme donut, a bag of hand picked candy from the candy store, some lipgloss, a book on how to speak Spanish (her newest venture), and a little notebook to journal in, during her stay! :) 

*** As a side note, to stay in a Korean hospital is anywhere between $15 - $40 a night, depending on how many roomates you have!  For instance, a 5 person room (no curtains to divide), will run you $20 a night! Can you believe that?!
It was so nice to have Jess here in town!  We spent all day Saturday together, and then spent the day at my place, with Aaron, lounging and enjoying our lazy Sunday!  Then the three of us all headed over to The Pho for dinner in Nampodong and some shopping in the market!

She left this morning when I left for work.  I sssoooo wish we lived closer!  We have a special friendship that doesn't just come around all the time!  We try our best to cherish it... as we should! 
Love you Jeshi!  See you for Thanksgiving! 

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