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Monday, September 5, 2011

Secret Code!

If any of you are facebook friends of mine and / or Aaron's, you may have noticed that we've recently been posting messages, written in Korean, on each other's walls, like this one below!  I know, at least one of you (mom!), was probably curious what it said and tried to translate it!  If you did, you probably laughed as hard as we just did when we tried!  I was laughing so hard that sound wasn't even coming out!   
The reason why it doesn't make sense when put into an online translating program is because it's NOT Korean words! We write English sentences with the Korean alphabet to practice phonics... You can only read them if you know how to phonetically read Hangul (the Korean alphabet!)  Pretty tricky, aren't we?! 

My personal favorite from this correspondence, is the message that translates as:
Update: ttaenkeuseu Fall Dinner, Tuna! U.S. Forest Time Can U Neck seom we ttaet deojenteu Mech Tech tteoro op U.S.!  LOL!

*** For the record, I never mentioned anything about an update, Fall, Tuna, the forest, a neck, or the U.S!  Now this is what I call a successful secret code! 

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