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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nasty Toothbrush

Today, as I was leaving the dentist (for the 6th time in about a month and a half - darn wisdom teeth and fillings), the secretary stopped me and said, "If you want a toothbrush, I sell.  Not expensive."  My response, "Oh, that's okay.  I actually have 3 new ones at home."  Regardless, she proceeded to open a box of brand new packacged toothbrushes, pull one out, take the protective cap off of the bristle part and brush it back and forth over my hand. "See. Good toothbrush. Not soft."  I thought this was a really strange toothbrush demo, but agreed and said, "Yea, it's a really good toothbrush." Then, she proceeded to repackage the toothbrush, put it back into the original box and say, "Maybe next time you buy one."  
Me... "Ummm, Yea, maybe."  Eeeehhhh

I wonder who will end up buying the toothbrush that's filled with my dead skin cells!  

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