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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Y'all come back now, ya hear?!

We started off the morning at Mammy's house with Sherry, Jed, Mammy, and Sherry Beth!

Mammy gave me these amazing vintage boots when I first arrived in town! She found out I didn't bring any snow boots, so she pulled these out of her closet, and low and behold, theyre a perfect fit! I think they're amazing and have named them "moots" (short for my Mammy boots!) 

Then it was off to Gran's, which was about a mile away! 

She met us at the door with a big smile and a "oh my two favorite kids!!" Ssshhh, don't tell the other grandkids! :) 
She actually hand sewed this gorgeous quilt for Aaaron, which consists of material from family members, his moms wedding, his grandfathers dress shirts and some other neat pieces! Talk about a labor of love!! 
This is one amazing Granny! 
I feel as if she's already accepted me as a grandaughter, for which I am incredibly honored! 
Aaron took me by Lake Tamahawk, a cute little lake, where he used to go fishing as a kid.

I couldn't resist!

This is the Red Rocker Inn, which is an old home in Black Mountain, that was renovated into an Inn a while back.  It's actually right across from his Aunt Carol's gorgeous yellow home!

... and this is his friend Burke's old house.  Aaron spent a lot of his childhood playing here!

We met Aarons mom for lunch at Ole Guacamole, a local, and authentic, Mexican restaurant! Mmmmmm! 
When we got back to the house we snapped some pictures of Pegg in her garden, but before snapping her photo Aaron used me as his lighting model... to make sure the lighting was right!  These are the types of faces I make when I'm getting impatient! :)

Okay, lighting's good!

What a pretty lady, huh?! 
I love this one of her and Cash... 
... Aaron and Cash... 
... and Me and Cash! 
Before long, Keith showed up and loaded our bags into the car for our drive to the airport... It was sad for both of us to say our goodbyes to his mom (and the puppies!) 
We had a nice hour and a half drive over to the airport with his dad!  It was sad to say goodbye to him. :(  He actually called Aaron's cell phone when we landed in Dallas, and had all of the 18 guests at his New Years Party yell, "Y'all come back now, ya hear?!"  It just might have been the highlight of the whole day!  
I couldn't have asked for, or imagined having, a better time with Aaron in North Carolina! He has such a special family, who overflows with southern charm and hospitality!  I knew finding Aaron was special, but now I really know just how lucky I am! 
To all of Aarons family and friends... Thank you for making my time in NC so fun!! :) 

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