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Sunday, January 2, 2011

We made it to California!

Ahh, the lights of Orange County!  What a wonderful sight!  How I've missed this place and my mom and dad of course!

My mom met Aaron and I at the bottom of the escalator at the airport, with a big hug, and warm welcome!  My dad was the chaeffer (sp?), so we got our hugs from him on the curb!

Our flight landed at 10:45pm, and we actually made it back to my childhood home, just in time for a New Years Kiss!

... and even more fun to be home and getting Asian presents!  mmmm Japanese candy!  Amy (my sister) handed these to us and said, "Think of me and my trip to Korea when you eat these!"  Love my sis!

 It's sooo good to be home! 

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