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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A day in Black Mountain!

I woke up this morning to the hussle and bussle of Aaron and his mom carrying his boxes to the barn in the yard! I quickly jumped in on the action and about 2 hours later we were all exhausted and finished!! :)
We freshened up and met Aaron's dad and Kaye in downtown Black Mountain, on Cherry Street, for lunch at My Fathers Pizza, one of Aaron's favorite neighborhood spots! 


After lunch, the 4 of us walked through some of the old shops... 

This is Seven Sisters, an art store that Aaron's friend Burke's mom started back when the boys were back in elementary school! 

It's filled with gorgeous (and very expensive) handmade pottery, art and jewelry! 
We stopped by the Town Hardware & General Store...

... and picked up some apple butter, which was recomended to me by Keith and Kaye! Great part is, there's no fat and no sugar! 

The Town Hardware store also has their own line of spreads, dressings, jellys, and spices! 

And my three favorite finds of the day: original Silly Putty... 

.... a counter full of delicious candy canes... 

... and these boxer shorts, which expand with water! :) 

We perused through this darling antique shop... 

The building which housed the antique shop was close to 100 years old and was originally used to store horses and carriages back in the day!  Now it stores vintage china, 20's furniture, old strap on roller skates, and lots of newer crafty items!  

This is the old Cherry Street train station! 

After saying farewell to Aarons dad and Kaye, we jumped in the car and Aaron began the town tour! 
First stop was Aarons great grandmothers old house (on his dad's side), which was built in the 20's during the great depression! They bought the house for $100 down and paid $13.00 a month!  What a steal huh?!  Keith and Kaye actually got married, under the big oak tree, in the backyard! 

Next stop on the tour was Montreat, a gorgeous, upscale neighborhood, where Aaron lived from 8th grade until his Senior year of High School. 

This is also the neighborhood where Billy Graham lives, although we couldn't see his place because it's all gated off...  
We did stop by Aaron Barker's house! ( of Aarons best friend's houses). Aaron spent a lot of time hanging out here! 

The residents of Montreat don't have mailboxes... Instead they stop in here, at the historic Montreat Post Office, to pick up their mail! :) 

Lake Susan (which was completely frozen over when we were there) graces the middle of the Montreat community!  It's stunning, with gorgeous old European style buildings surrounding all sides of it! 

Aaron drove me over to his old house, but it was so high on the hill that I couldn't get a picture! :( Instead I had to settle for a driveway shot... Nice driveway none the less! 

Next stop was Owen High School, where Aaron had his glory days as a super athlete! 

He was a good ole' War Horse! Yeee haw! 

We capped off the night with a party at Gran's, which unfortunately I missed!  I was exhausted from all the visiting that I completely konked out and let Aaron go in my place. 
When he and his mom got back, they woke me up and the three of us cuddled up and watched the Stanford / Connecticut womens basketball game on her bed.  Then we all called it a night!  Cash came and cuddled up with me in my bed and somehow finagled his front right leg under my back and his other leg over my tummy and nestled his head on my neck! Im putting my money on it... He's the best 100lb dog I've ever met! 

Sweet dreams from me and my new puppy! 

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