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Sunday, January 2, 2011

California, this is Aaron! Aaron, this is Calfornia!

 We don't mess around at the Hoppy home at Christmas time!  As soon as everyone woke up, we got right into gift giving and present opening! Not that I'm complaining!   

It was so fun to have Aaron around during the family time!  He fit right in. :)

My mom and dad!

My mom picked out some black converse for Aaron for Christmas, which was great considering neither of us can find shoes that fit our big ol' feet in Korea!   

My mom, sister, Aaron and I all chipped in and got my dad a kindle!  He'd been talking about wanting one for months!  He was so excited and has barely put it down since!

I found my mom a nice Korean style Chanel watch!  Gotta keep her looking fashionable! 

Aaron's present to my mom was her favorite though!

Her very first Auburn University t-shirt!  She is an avid Auburn football fan and actually graduated Valedictorian in 1969!

After opening gifts, Aaron and I drove over to my college friend Lynzi's house for lunch!  I was so excited to get to see Krista too!  These two were my University roommates my junior year at Vanguard!  I love, love, love these girls, and really miss sharing a closet with them!

 I brought Lynzi's son Greyson a fun green light up ball, some Japanese candy...

... and a Korean danso, which none of us were able to make any music out of (oops!)...

The newest addition to the Irvine clan - Little miss Blakely Elizabeth!

Lynzi and Beau are so great together!  They've been married now for 8 years!  Good job you two!

Me, Blakely, and Greyson!

 Krista's dog Ruby was there too!  I think she was a fan of me!

 Lynzi and Beau live in the cutest little neighborhood of Newport Beach!  They bought this house 2 1/2 years ago and completely renovated it, in the lovely Irvine style!

Next stop was Laguna Beach!  We stopped at the cliffs in Corona Del Mar, first, to check out the view of Balboa!

The cutest little dog was there with his dad, going for a walk.
Yea, the beach!!!!

Ahhh, lookout point!  

Next stop was my high school!  

 When we were finished with our little Orange County adventure, we came back to the Hoppy home and finished opening prezzies! 

Introducing the Hoppy fam!  My dad, me, sister Amy, and mom!

My mom got a Macbook from my dad!  Lucky gal!

Amy, Aaron and I did some shopping around town and then came back for dinner with Rick and Sherry my mom and dad's good friends!  I can not fully explain how wonderful these two are!

We capped off the night with a good ol' game of Apples to Apples!

Aaron was the big winner of the night!  Good job babe!

Today was a gorgeous day, with beautiful blue Californian skies and warm sunshine!  Couldn't have asked for a better 1st day home in the heartland!


  1. HI Jill!! Okay, I did not realize you were coming to CA!!How long are you here? Are you totally booked?? I cannot put together how you manage to keep your blog up while you're away, but anyway! You're so much better than I am! sigh. Let me know if you're up for another Taco Bell gorging or some baby holding or whatever. ;)

    P.S. Fun to see Rick & Sherry on your blog! They leave tomorrow...crazy...

  2. Ah, Rach! I'm sorry! We were only here for 3 days, and the schedule was packed... Next time you'll be on my list for a Taco Bell date and baby (toddler) holding time! :)

  3. So fun! Woooa.. lookout point! ::insert cheesy romantic audience oooooo.... from a 90s sitcom::

    But really, so glad you got to feel that california sun even if only for a bit!