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Monday, January 3, 2011

Visits with my 2nd family, plus Taco Bell... mmm!

Before I moved to Arizona, back in 2003, I was really involved at a great church in Fountain Valley!  I had spent a lot of mornings, and nights there in ministry with the high school youth group, worship group, and college group!  I even spent my 21st birthday at the high school youth group, as a leader, celebrating with a big COSTCO cake after the service!   That should give you a good idea of just how much time I spent there!

Anyhow, my mom, dad, Aaron and I all went to the Sunday morning service!  It was so nice to be back!  My good friend Ami was leading with her amazing son Nile, who I've watched grow up into a ridiculously awesome musician and singer!  It was so fun to be back and to get to introduce Aaron to everyone! :)

Gary and Ami were my biggest mentors as a high schooler and college student!  They are two of my favorite people in the world.  I always feel at home when I'm around these two!

Laurel and Al are Gary's parents, and my "2nd" grandparents!  I love, love, love Laurel!  She hugs me and never lets go, and cries every year when she sees me, which makes me feel like a million bucks!

After church I drove Aaron around the OC before going to my friend's Kari and Scott's house for lunch! 
This is us in Scott's recording studio at the house...

I've known Kari and Scott for about 12 years, and consider them some of my best friends!  Kari was also one of my biggest mentors growing up!  Scott is a music producer and put me on his first album entitled POP!  He got the CD out and played it for Aaron.  I was really embarrassed to say the least, since Aaron had never heard me sing before, much less on a CD, by myself!

A couple minutes after we got there, there was a knock at the front door, and to my surprise, one of my old friends Judy and her husband Michael showed up to surprise me!

These are, by far, the most energetic and funny women I know!  To have them together in the same room was so much fun for me!  (As a side note: Watch for Kari on the next Amazing Race!  It's not a done deal that she'll be on the show, but I KNOW they'll pick her!)

After saying goodbye to everyone, Aaron and I did a little seed shopping at the local OSH hardware store!  Aaron is big into gardening!  His facial expression is his way of over compensating for the fact that he's holding vegetable and flower seeds!  What a schmooch!

Aaron and my dad had planned to go golfing while we were in town, but unfortunately rain was in the forecast, so they played on the wii instead!  What handsome guys!

Aaron and I had a daddy - daughter (plus boyfriend) date at Taco Bell!

 Aahhh, Taco Bell, how I've missed your delicious tacos!

When we got home from dinner, we were looking through my dad's closet and found this old painting of my mom, that my dad had painted while he was living in Korea back in 1972.  My mom hates it, but we think it's awesome!  My sister said she thinks it looks like one of the paintings from the Haunted House, which made me like it even more!  She was quite the blonde bomb shell though, wasn't she?!

 We ended the night with some good ol' fashioned Hoppy TV time in the family room!  It's good to be home and to have my two favorite guys hanging out together! :)  

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