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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rated R T-shirt Warning!

This blog is going to be blunt! Many of you will laugh... some of you will cringe - Regardless, I'm about to show you the reality of English T-Shirts in Korea. If I had to guess, about 70% of them either make absolutely no sense, or they are like the following:

1. "Jailbait" - worn by an elementary girl.

2. "Play Like a Mutha Fucka" - worn by a 1st grade boy

3. "In My Prime" - worn by a 4th grade girl

4. "Happiness is a strong cocktail" - worn by a 3rd grade girl

5. "No colon contact, no kiss." - worn by a 6th grader

6. "I am so fucking disco" - worn by a middle school girl

7 "Giant Cum" - Korean man

8. "Party Naked" - middle school girl

9. "High School girls rule!" - A male school Computer Technician

So, moral of the story is... When you're in another country, don't buy a shirt with foreign writting! Well, unless you don't mind having something like this on it!

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