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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interview Day!

Side note: I thought my camera took bad pictures... but it's nothing compared to my student's camera... see pictures below!

The 6th grade students at my school are working on an "interview project" for their homeroom teachers. The assignment was to get in groups and choose an adult that everyone in the group looked up to and interview them. I was honored when some of them chose me! This afternoon was the big interview!

I was so impressed by how prepared they were. They had translated all of the questions into English and were ready, with camera and notebooks in hand to document the whole experience.

At the beginning, I would answer their questions and they would take forever writing my answers, so I offered to type them on my computer for them! They were soooo excited. I even went one step further and cut and pasted my answers into a Korean translating website and printed that for them too! I may be the coolest teacher in school now. :)

Part of the interview was about my job and how I teach in Korea, so we had to get some action shots! I hammed it up as usual! :)

Looks like a real class huh?!

This was the group! I love, love, love these kids... especially Seth (the boy on the far left). He is ALWAYS smiling... despite his angry mug in this picture and speaks English really well!

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