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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busan Fireworks Festival

Last night, I went with a group of friends to the most incredible fireworks show I have ever witnessed! It was 45 minutes of over 80,000 fireworks, set to music, and spread out over the ocean and bridge at Gwangali Beach! (When you watch this video, look for the old woman who is trying to touch the fireworks with her hands! She was sooo funny!)

It wasn't a suprise at all that over 1 million people were packed on the beach to get a peak at Korea's most famous yearly firework display! We got to the beach 3 hours before it started, thanks to our co-worker's advice, just to steak out a seat on the sand... Luckily we had some dice to play farkle and lots of friends to talk to to make the time pass while we waited for the show to start. I took these pictures when we arrived (3 hours before it started, and look at how crowded it was then! It was 5 times more packed by the time it started!!)

If you ever have a chance to come to Korea, I would highly recommend planning it around this event! It was soooo awesome!