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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 2 in Phi Phi Island

This morning, Carlos and I got up really early to go to the tattoo shop so Carlos could get another tattoo. I guess it's true what they say, they are addicting!! This picture was taken right outside the shop.

After finishing his tattoo, we walked over to the beach to look for kristen...

Carlos, in position, ready for the needle!

While Carlos was in pain, I was sleeping on the coach with Ginger... just about the best kitten I've ever met.

After unsuccessfully looking for Kristen, Carlos and I grabbed some lunch by the pier and then walked back to our hotel to pick up our bags to jump on the boat. I was going back to Railay, and the 2 of them were headed back to Korea.) When we finally found Kristen (Korea), she was with Kristen (Australia), the girl we met last night.

Introducing Kristen Glenn! (Australia)

As soon as she saw me she said, "Don't go!" and asked me to stay with her in Phi Phi for a couple days. She said, "I have a proposition for you..." and went on to describe all the things she was going to be doing here for the next couple days. I couldn't resist, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, etc!! She is traveling alone too, and we really hit it off right away. I was planning on leaving to go back to Railay, but I cancelled my boat to hang with her for the rest of my trip. She's awesome, sweet, adventurous, up for anything, and it's just an added bonus that she happens to have a laptop! I've been able to blog for FREE today at a wireless internet cafe down the road from our place.

She took me to her place to drop my bags and then we headed over to Sunflower for some pinneapple milkshakes and sunbathing

We saw Em (the local Thai guy who works at the tattoo shop) and asked him if he wanted to come swimming with us. So, me, kristen (Australia), Em, Em's friend Dahm, and another girl who is here from Italy, all walked out into the water (literrally about 500 feet) until we were knee high. It reminded me a little bit of lake tahoe, how you can walk and walk and walk, and you're still in shallow water. We gave up walking and just sat in the water instead. I was playing with the sand beneath me and found this guy! A real LIFE sand dollar in perfect condition. I know I should have left it there, but I couldn't resist. It's coming home to Korea with me!

This is Em and Ned. Ned owns a small jewelry shop next to the tattoo shop and Sunflower. I actually bought the necklace that Ned is holding. It's a coconut shell with a shell inside. It's beautiful, and it's handmade by someone I know! :)

This little one was playing in the sand while the sun was setting. She was darling. She is 1/2 Thai and 1/2 Australian.

Since it's pretty "spring breakish" in the area we're staying, Kristen (Australia) and I headed over to the other side of the island for dinner at this candlelit restaurant on the water. Can't beat the view, or the chicken curry in this country! mmmm

Anyone want a coconut??

Around 10pm, Kristen (Australia) and I headed over to IBIZA, a bar on the beach to check out the fireshow.

This is a fire jumprope!

Me and Kristen

Em came and met us at the show and ended up taking Kristen (Australia) and I to a rooftop bar where you can lay on huge pillows and look at the stars... While we were there, Em gave me this necklace that he had made. It's made out of a shell and he said it's to remind me to love people... It was really really sweet!

It started pouring rain while we were there, so we hid under a hut for a little while and then made our way back to our place. Kristen (Australia) wanted to stop in at a convvenient store near our palce to buy some cookies, so Em and I waited outside. As we were talking, I felt something run across my foot. I immediately thought it was a monkey, and got excited, but, when I looked down and saw a gigantic sewer rat scurrying to the other side of the store, I almost died! It ran over my freaking bare foot! Em said it means I'll have good luck, to which I replied, "Well, I better get something out of that!"

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