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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to Ko Phi Phi

After elephant trekking, I jumped on a boat to go to Phi Phi island to meet Kristen and Carlos. They were waiting for me at the pier. :)

We walked directlty to the hotel to drop my bag. Even though it's tiny, it's still really heavy on my sunburned shoulders!! This is the street leading to our hotel.

This was our room. It was only $6.00 a person!!

After we dropped our bags, the 3 of us walked over to find the Tsunami Memorial.

It was very sad and emotional being there, thinking of all the people who's lives were cut short. This picture and hand written plaque hit me the hardest, I think.

Many of the places here are in the midst of being rebuilt...

As a side note, Ko Phi Phi can be somewhat compared to Spring Break in Cancun. It's a ton of young 20 somethings, basically getting drunk and looking for a hook up. None of us were really up for a spring break experience, especially after being in Railay, which we all loved, so we were a little bummed out we had spent the money to come all the way here.

Until we came across this gem of a place, at one of the far ends of the beach, where no one was, that reminded us all of Railay. :)

There are hammocks everywhere at this restaurant, so we all layed in one, ate lunch, sipped our fruity drinks, talked with the locals, and relaxed for a couple hours... (Me and Carlos)


... and watched the sunset from our hammocks!

Kristen was not happy with the way her tattoo turned out (She got one in Railay), so we stopped into this tattoo shop on the beach (across from the restaurant) to have them fix it. We instantly became great friends with the locals working there! Pang and Em.

After finishing the tattoo, we met an awesome girl named Kristen who hung with us the rest of the night. We went to the beach to see fire dancers, and checked out a bar that had amazing frozen mojhitos! mmmm. We called it a night around 2am. It was a full day of great experiences, relaxation, and beautiful views.

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