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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day of Indulgence!

Yesterday morning, I rised and shined (bad English, I know) and headed to a café with wireless to write my blog and talk to Lynzi on skype! I ended up having breakfast there, and before I knew it, it was 11am and I was ready for lunch too! And hey, before you judge me for being in one of the most beautiful places in the world and choosing to spend ½ my day on the internet, I should probably add that it was pouring down rain outside!

Kristen (Australia) came and found me around 11:15am and told me she was heading to the pier because her friend Mike, from university, was coming to the island on the 11:30am boat.

Mike hung out with us the whole day yesterday. He's a great guy. They both went to Tulane University in New Orleans and were there when Hurricane Katrina struck. It was really interesting to hear their personal stories. Kristen had unpacked all her stuff into her dorm the day before the storm hit, and ended up losing everything...

On a less depressing note, the 3 of us went back over to Sunflower, layed in the hammocks and had some lunch. It was pouring down rain and really windy, but great none the less. Check out the name of this water bottle.

After lunch, we all decided that getting massages had to be next on the agenda! So, Em took us over to his favorite masseuse on the island. It was hands down, one of the best oil massages I've ever had, and it was only $9.00 for an hour! Mike's masseuse kept saying, "Oh, sexy boy, sexy boy!" Kristen and I were dying laughing. At one point Mike said, "Please don't ever stop doing this!" There was a curtain separating him from us girls, and we were both dying to know what was happening on the other side, so when we finished our massages, we pulled the curtain open and saw this! It was hilarious!!



After massages, we did some shopping and walking around the island and landed here at D's books... had some hot chocolate, ate banana pancakes with Nutella, read, played sudoku, and talked while the rain poured down around us! It was definitely wonderful!
Later in the night, we ventured over to the other side of the island to get some dinner and landed in a great local joint, covered only by a thin layer of tent. It was some of the best curry I've ever tasted, and our server was one of the most flamboyantly gay Thai men we had ever seen. He was really funny!
We went back to the fireshow on the beach last night, so Mike could experience it. Pang (The tattoo artist who did kristen and Carlos's tattoo's) came over to hang with us for the night. Turns out, he's related to all the fire spinners at IBIZA Bar. I love how families stick together around here. :)
All in all, it was a wonderfully indulgent day! Nothing extraordinary happened, but the relaxation, great food, and even better new friends was all it took to keep a smile on my face! :)
I will leave you with this funny story: We stopped in for Kristen (Australia) to get something at a convenient store, and Mike and I waited outside. While we were standing there, we witnessed one of the worst "pick ups"!! This guy from the Netherlands was trying to pick up on a girl from Australia. He was saying all the wrong things, and she was not interested at all. Here's the best part thought. She said to him, "You know, I've been getting picked up on all the time here... It's starting to get really tiring." haha... who says that?! Personally, I think they were maybe perfect for each other. Cheers to Spring Break part 2 in Phi Phi Island... ah to be 21 again!

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