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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garden Day!

Last Friday, I looked out my window and noticed that my school has a vegetable garden! So, for my "advanced teacher class," I took them out to the garden to speak English! It was so much fun! ... and the best part is... It turns out we can pick vegetables whenever we want and take them home! Here are some pictures. :)

Lee, Me, April, and Stella...

One side of the garden! (Cabbage, Garlic, and some other vegetables)

When we were walking out there, one of my kindergarten students saw us through the window and got soooo excited!

This is the school nurse, who I named Lindsay! She is hilarious and adorable! She saw us too, and leaned out her window to say "hello!"

While we were out there, Stella and I picked some cabbage to try!! mmmmm.... (Note the newly added yellow in my hair... Yep, I actually thought going back to JUN Salon would be a good idea. Well, 100,000 won later, I had ever more yellow hair than I started with! I give up!)

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