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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Secret Pizza Party!

So, once in the while, the younger female teachers buy pizza and coke and have "secret pizza parties" together! They always invite me, which makes me feel like I'm party of the "cool club!" :) This weeks pizza featured shrip, lobster, olives, fried noodles, tons of other random stuff, and mashed sweet potato (inside the crust)!

Our school administrators are really strict, so anytime the girls hear someone coming down the hallway, they shove the pizza box and drinks under the table and pretend like we're having a meeting about school. (Christine - science classroom aid, Sue - school secretary, Nicole - special ed teacher, and Charity - special ed teacher)

This week, they all wanted to give me a Korean name, since I gave them all English names! They all agreed on the Korean word for flower, but when they asked me to repeat it, I completely botched it everytime! So, in exchange, they gave me the name "Song-E." It means flower counter. When they count flowers, they say, "1 flower, 2 flower, 3 flower..." So, it's the word for flower when they count them. I love it! When they said it, I ran to the board and wrote this and said, "like this?" They were all floored that I knew how to use Hangul! :)

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