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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Bully on the Bus!

It was quite possibly the first time that I have ever felt my motherly instincts kick in, and not just a little.... A LOT!

I was riding my bus to work this morning, and it stopped at a bus station near my school where a couple of the students get on. I looked out my window and saw one of my 2nd graders laying in the fetal position on the stairs, while one of my 4th grade boys was kicking him in the stomach. I immediately got off the bus and went over to the 2nd grade boy, who was still laying down crying and took his hand and led him to the bus. I picked him up and set him on my lap and hugged him the whole way to school. He was crying in my arms, but I could feel him calming down each time I would squeeze him, or rub his back. By the time we got off the bus, he had calmed down and we walked hand in hand to his classroom. It was a beautiful moment.

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