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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anyone hungry?

In Korea, we are constantly finding funny things written on packages, or interesting foods for sale. Here is a glimpse into some things you can find at the local market or the local grocery store! mmmmm....

Can you ever imagine yourself saying, "Oh... a pig head! I've been looking everywhere for one of those!"

Sardines in a snack pack for the equivalent of 50 cents! Disgusting!

Yes, this is a "Crunky" chocolate bar!

This beer had a pirate hat!

These are "crunky nude balls!" Isn't there anyone working for this company that knows enough english to understand the connotations this title carries?!!

This is Soju (alcohol) IN A JUICE BOX!

Apparently it's important to drink "stylish" beer!

Why would you ever want chips in your lunchbox if you could have an octopus instead?!

Dried fish with eyeballs... dried eyeballs!

Like I said, this is just a glimpse! I happened to have had my camera one day and snapped these pictures! We have seen much craziers things since!


  1. I like that the beer says "with Fiber."

  2. My personal favorite were the "crunky nude balls". Classic.

  3. Wow. Mommy, may I have an octupus in my lunch today, pretty please?

  4. so gross.
    i have such a weak stomach if i go to the hispanic market... and see pig hooves.


    speaking of that, i have a little pup... i couldn't imagine killing him for meat. wow.