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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snack time...

One last blog for the night! I completely forgot about this and Kevin just reminded me!

Everyday this week, we had snack time in the middle of our lectures. During snack time, we were given a 10-15 minute break. There were always snacks like cookies, chips, or whatnot laid out on a table outside our classroom for us to have. Yesterday though, we had what looked like a chicken nugget box, but inside was an entire chicken leg!


  1. haha! They must have run out of chicken nuggets. What a disappointment for you! What's the thing about not having the internet? We may have to apply for an emergency credential to teach in Korea!
    Love you two, Mom

  2. Hola Comrades!

    It has been great to be a part of the blogosphere with you all over the years. I just launched a new blog at I am only a few posts deep, but hope you link up and follow me on this new endeavor.

    I look forward to future collaboration with you!

    Ron (nie)(Werner Jr)(GP)