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Saturday, February 28, 2009

We live in a studio the size of a shoebox! (revised)

Yep, they messed up and got us separate apartments! LOVELY, huh?! So, for now we are living in Kevin's apartment, which is about the size of my bedroom growing up!

This is our entire bathroom... shower included! The shower hose is connected to our sink and the shower spiket hangs over our sink on the wall. Which means we basically take showers in the middle of the bathroom. It gets everything very wet!

We found out they are waiting until Kevin's place (pictures above) sells and then they will look for something bigger for both of us. They said it may take 2 days or 6 months. They say they don't know how long it will take!

We are currently about a 20 minute walk from the subway, which Kevin is bummed about. We're hoping that our new place is closer to one.

My school is AMAZING and ADORABLE! This is a picture of my co-teacher, Stella, and I at the front doors.

The commute is about a 10 minute walk, a 10 minute bus ride, another 5 minute walk, another 10 minute bus ride and then another 10 minute walk (up hill)!(this is on top of the bridge that I walk over everyday to catch my bus in the morning. :)


  1. Yay jillers so exciting to hear you have a great co teacher. What grade? Hopefully they figure out the apartment mix up. Miss you guys!


  2. Hi Jill!
    Glad things are going well and you guys are happy! My dad is enjoying your blog and said, "I didn't know Jill was such a great journalist!" :) Love you both, Cousin Lanie

  3. you need to change the weather to Busan.

  4. Hi Jill I love ALL your stories!! I really miss you and Kevin too. It is so different not having yyou right next door and being able to talk to you whenever. Well, take care and hope to hear from you. Love Lisa Neely