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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rock, Scissor, Paper

Just about every decision made in Korea is done with a quick game of rock, scissor, paper, or as the Koreans call it 가위 (kawi=scissors) 바위 (bawi=paper) 보 (bo=rock).  But, if we say it fast, it sounds more like kai-bai-bo.  
All that to say, this morning I came to work and asked my co-teacher, Loola, what the plan was for our classes today.  Her response was, "Just a Movie!YYYEEESSS!!!  We have 3 classes together on Fridays and since only 1 of us needs to be in the classroom to supervise the kiddos during the movie, we decided to play kai-bai-bo. The winner would babysit 1 class and the loser would babysit 2!  I was taught, by some of my students to never throw paper 1st, because you'll probably lose.  So, I took their advice and threw scissors and WON!  So, not only is it Friday, but I only have to babysit 1 class today!  The rest of the day will be spent putting together our 1st ever Osteen Christmas cards and addressing them!  Woot woot!blog-signature

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