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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 31st Aaron!

So, the plan was originally to go up to Elf Pension this weekend for A's 31st birthday, but between the buses not running late enough to get us there Friday night and the rental car places not being interested in renting a car to us (foreigners) for the weekend, we cancelled our reservation and stayed in Busan. (Kinda sad, but turned out okay.)  Nice part was that I could cook A his dream birthday breakfast, which happened to be: 1 apple / 1 carrot juice made in the juicer, a coffee from Paris Baguette Cafe and homemade buttermilk blueberry pancakes!  Done and done! :)

Since we ended up getting all of our money back from the Pension and didn't have to spend $$ on the rental car or the snowboarding trip, I decided to spend it on a surprise birthday present for A... an Ipad mini!  It would be an understatement to say that he was excited when he unwrapped it!  I got tackled with kisses!

We ended up spending the rest of the day in our PJ's, playing with Aaron's birthday present!  We ordered kimchi jiggae for lunch (from the corner restaurant) and had home made veggie stir fry and delicious Australian moscato for dinner.  It may not have been the most eventful birthday celebration, but Aaron said it was the best birthday he'd had in a long time!  Apparently apple products and home cooked meals do the trick! :) 

Happy 31st A!

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