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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanks Math!

I've always been a big lover of math!  In high school, I used to beg my algebra teacher to let me teach our class, just once! He never obliged, sadly, but I got my chance after graduating from college (with a degree in digital media production by the way), when my friend Tiffany called and asked if I would take over a high school algebra class at the school where she was working. The lady who was teaching the class had left on a Friday and had never come back to work! MY DREAM COME TRUE!  Or, so I thought!  There was a reason she left, and I found out the very next day, when there I was, a 23 year old untrained teacher, standing in front of my new class of high school students who were CRAZY and completely undisciplined!  Not only were they like small wild animals, it felt like every kid in my class felt like this....

 It took me all semester to re-train them to act like normal human beings and to actually do their homework!  By the end of the semester, I was exhausted, but was so thankful for the job and the experience and actually began to love and build relationships with a lot of those kids!

All that to say, today's 6th grade classes at my school are going on a math field trip, so I don't have ANY classes today! Hence the whole THANKS MATH thing!! I just finished checking my e-mails, painting my nails, and am about to address some Christmas cards, all while getting my regular pay for the day!  Sure beats that math job I had in America! :)

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