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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Night at the cabin!

Being in North Carolina 2 weeks ago was like being in the middle of a dream... everything was lush and green, the sky was blue, the people were friendly, family galore was gathered together for our big day, Taco Bell was in driving distance, I had a car to drive (thank you Aunt Vicki!) and I was a seriously happy camper!

*** The next couple blogs are going to be a little out of order, because some pictures are on my camera, some are on Aaron's, and not all are on this computer, so I'll start with our night up at the cabin with Keith (Aaron's dad) and Kaye (his darling wife)!

We always have so much fun spending time with Aaron's dad and Kaye at their weekend cabin on Lake James!  It's quiet, the air is clean, the cabin is charming, the food is always delicious, and the company is top notch!  This time, we picked up some gladiolas for Kaye while at the grocery store, because what girl doesn't like flowers around?!  Aaron was getting ready to do some fishing in the morning...

Man, I love this place!

This trip to the cabin was especially fun because it was summertime and we could get out on the lake in their kayaks!  Unfortunately, I realized I had forgotten my overnight bag, with my bathing suit, back at Aaron's mom's house, so I had to take a lil trip to the outlets for a new bikini, dress for dinner, and shoes of course.  And while I was at it, I picked up a few other fun things! :)

When I got back, we loaded the kayaks in the truck and headed down to the lake!  I wasn't about to take my fancy camera out there in a kayak... So, instead I stuffed my iphone into a plastic baggie and stuck it in my pocket!  I couldn't kayak on the lake without some pictures!

Aaron, his dad and I had the best time paddling around the lake for a couple hours...

...and my arms were happy to have the workout before the wedding! 

Look at these studs!

 When we got back from the lake, we cleaned up and spent some time out on the front porch together before their friends all came over for dinner to meet Aaron and I!

*** I feel the need to express that this was one of the only sundresses at the store... 
I wouldn't normally chose to look like a frilly sherbert ice cream cone!

Aaron's dad had been given this gave as a gift, and the boys were determined to master it!  Like father like son... always up for a good old fashioned competition! 

Keith and Kaye

Aaron's beer, brewed locally in Asheville, NC...

At around 6pm, Keith and Kaye's friends started coming in their golf carts, because that's how they roll in these parts of the woods (or lake in this case)!  They were one of the spunkiest, energetic, fun, sarcastic, friendly bunch I'd met in a long time!  They made Aaron and I feel right at home, like we'd been a part of the group for years!  We could see, right away, why Keith and Kaye thought we'd enjoy getting to spend time with them!

Keith and James, chucking corn on the porch!  There's a little bit of country for ya!

Aaron's dad was the G.R.I.L.L  M.A.S.T.E.R!

I mean, seriously!  You can't get burgers like this in Korea!

Dinner was delicious and everyone brought a dish to share!  Before we served up, Aaron's dad did the sweetest toast for A and I. :)

The girls!  Kaye has been friends with these girls for years, and years, and years, and years!  I love how small town people stick together!  They were telling stories from their college years!

It was a late night, and morning came before we knew it!  Keith, Kaye, Aaron, and I were up at dawn, enjoying breakfast together, before we headed back down to the lake for some kayak style fishing!  I overcame my disgust with hooking live worms by helping Aaron's dad cut them in half and pack them back into the box.... ugh

It was all worth it though!  The four of us had the time of our lives out there... We decided to have a little friendly boys vs girls fishing competition!  Boy was I glad Kaye was on my team!  That girl knows how to catch a fish! 

I apparently wasn't so bad myself though.  I caught 3! 
(Self portrait; iphone style)

Aaron caught 3 too! 

But between the 4 of us, we caught 22 and it was a tie... 11 for the boys, 11 for the girls! You do the math!  Or, I'll go ahead and do it for you!  Keith and Kaye each caught 8!  Apparently Aaron and I have a lot of work to do in the fishing department!

But, that's what next year's for! We can't wait to be living in the Carolina's, so we can hop right up to Black Mountain and Lake James!  Lord knows, we've got a lot of catching up to do after being away for 4 years! 
 Thanks again for a great weekend, Keith and Kaye! 

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