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Monday, August 6, 2012

Black Mountain charm

If I had to compare Aaron's hometown to a TV show, it would be Dawson's Creek, hands down! It's quaint, charming, slow paced, a lil country, everyone knows everyone, there are beautiful mountains, flowing rivers, and green everywhere you look, and community is key.  It's the kind of place you go to and never wanna leave! 

There's an art, music and flower fair behind the big church downtown on the weekends...

...where families and friends gather to buy and sell handmade goods and hang together!

A little girl had bought these gorgeous flowers from a lady who grows them in her garden!  aaahhh

There was even a cute little redhead running a booth while his mom was socializing, no doubt.
There are charming coffee shops with cute little girls in tutu's showing off their yoga posses while customers gawk over how precious they are!

... and a cute little cupcake shop that makes flavors like "Fred Velvet"! And don't think you can get away with asking for a "Red Velvet" cupcake!  No siree!  You'll have to embarrass yourself by saying the silly name before they serve you!  Ask Sarah!  It's true!

There are awesome mom's who get up early to make omelets and delicious home made muffins for their son and his soon to be wife!  ahem- Pegg! Mother in law extraordinaire! :)

There's local art sold all around...

... and a family owned pizza parlor that's been around since Aaron was a kid!  Doesn't help that their pizzas are AMAZING and only $7.00!  We may or may not have eaten here 3 times while we were in Black Mountain!  How I lost 8 pounds while I was home in the US is beside me.

There are old historic homes, turned Inns, like the Red Rocker, where Aaron and I stayed our first night as husband and wife!

There are even cute little baby black bears that hobble across dirt roads and climb up trees, only to hold on tight and peak their head around to see if you're still there!

It's the type of place I've always wanted to be a part of, and now that I'm married to Aaron, I'd like to think I am! :)  Speaking of family, have I mentioned that Aaron's mom, dad, BOTH grandmothers, 4 aunts, and 2 uncles all live within about a 3 mile radius of each other... and his sister, cousins, and other two aunts are only a couple hours drive! I love it!  

This day, we decided to spend the day with Carol, helping her get the yard and house ready for the wedding!  We painted our little hearts out!  One of my favorite memories of the day was painting the front steps of the house with Aaron's dad!  It was a fun bonding time!

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference!

We spent an afternoon with Aaron's grandma, Mammy, aunt Sherry Beth and his dad at 
Mammy's pool!

 It was the perfect break from the summer heat!

What town do you know that has a rocking chair in front of their chamber of commerce?!

I'm telling you... It's awesome! :)

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