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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catching up!

I'm alive... after a whirlwind of an experience in San Francisco, to an amazing trip in North Carolina, to a magical wedding, and an unforgettable honeymoon, we're back in Korea!  
I was hoping to jump right back into blogging as soon as we returned, but once again, our bad luck struck - HARD!  We found out, when we returned, that Aaron's Korean debit card was backed by Master Card, and the thieves had a hay day with it, spending $5,000 in the last 3 weeks!  In America, this would be an easy fix... Call Master Card, give them the police report, and days later, our money would be returned to his account!  It's NOT like that in Korea.  We'll be lucky if we see a penny of the $5,000 that was stolen, and for that, I am heartbroken!  I know it's just money, but it's OUR hard earned money that we've been saving for when we move back to the US. I'm just grateful that Aaron went to the bank on Friday to get a replacement card and not today! It was then that we found out the card was being used and were able to cancel it!  Just think, they could have spent another $5,000, I'm sure!  

I'll make sure to give an update if anything comes of this, but for now, accept my apology for being incognito (is that the word?) from blogging for 3 weeks!  There were some things that took priority - Can you believe it?!   
I'll be back, with lots of fun stories and adorable pictures in the next couple days!  

It's 9:00am, and my summer camp kids are just starting to file in!
Happy Monday! 

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