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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Down on the Ranch

Aaron's uncle David e-mailed Aaron and I about 4 months back asking if we would have time for a pre-wedding BBQ party for all of the family at his house before the wedding!  We're always up for a party, and a country BBQ with family?!  How could we refuse the offer! 

We were told, when we arrived in Black Mountain on Tuesday afternoon that there we were supposed to dress in country attire!  With 8 hours notice and nothing countryish in our luggage, we set off to a couple Goodwill's and the local Walmart!  I think we pulled it off quite nicely, eh?!  Luckily my Hunter Rain Boots from the UK had arrived at Aaron's mom's house the day before... just in time for me to wear them,  doubled as horse riding boots! 

Pretty much all of Aaron's mom's side AND dad's side of the family were there (24 people total) , except for his sister and a few cousins.  It was so nice to be able to spend so much quality time with everyone in one place!

Every time we've come back to Black Mountain (this is our 3rd trip there together), we've talked about coming to uncle David's to see the horses!  I think he has 10, if I remember correctly, 2 of which are gorgeous Thoroughbreds! (Not these... These are just gorgeous horses!)

... and friendly little fellas!

Gran, Aaron and Mammy.

Aaron's mom's best friend Annie was even there to join in on the fun!

Someone had roasted peanuts and put Aaron's cousin Olivia in charge of serving them!

Kaye and Keith!

Carol and one of the many, many, many dogs on the ranch...

Aaron's mom Pegg and aunt Vicki.

Look at these hams!  Aunt Tery and aunt Carol, taking a break from cornhole to pose for the camera!

Aaron's uncle Jedd and dad.

The uncle Joe's!

Being that Aaron's uncle David lives on a ranch, there are plenty of animals to go around... cats, dogs, horses, a barn snake, wild turkeys, etc...

There was plenty of cornhole being played during the night...

This here was a friendly battle of husband and wife vs husband and wife!  I think the Osteen's won!  (Only a few will get that joke!)

I decided to take a break and relax with the cornhole peanut gallery! 

...and family, enjoying family time together.  (The Tyson family)

As the sun was starting to set a little, Aaron and I snuck off to take a little walk around the ranch together. :)  We had to snap a couple pictures here on this bridge... I mean look at this place!

Aaron's uncle David had hired this guy to come out, with his assistant, to cook a good old fashioned country BBQ right there on the ranch!  Mmmmm mmmmm!

I lllloooooovvveeee grilled corn!

The food was definitely worth writing home about! BBQ chicken, pulled pork, mixed grilled vegetables, corn, and even a cobbler for dessert!

...and there were plenty of cold drinks to go around!

After dinner, uncle David pulled Aaron aside and wanted to show us his special room in the barn where he has displayed family pictures for generations and generations!  He's a true history buff and we loved hearing stories about Aaron's relatives.  As we were walking out of the special room in the barn, I blurted out, like a small child I'm sure... "David, is it too late to ride the horses?!"  With a big smile on his face, he responded, "You wanna ride the horses?!"  The rest was history!

Olivia, Aaron's cousin joined me in the riding adventure!  David loaded the saddle onto one of his Thoroughbreds while Olivia and I stood nearby...

 I think this little guy was jealous he wasn't getting a saddle put on!

Me and my horse!  

Uncle David in his element!
Do I look like a natural or what?!

Thank you again David and Judy for such a fun party!  

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  1. WOW You look a real Country Girl and so dishy wearing your Hunter Wellingtons, your photos are tops, I wear my Hunter Wellies all the time, I love them.