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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Courthouse Wedding...

Back in May, I was feeling really on top of wedding planning... I mean, REALLY on top of it!  ... Except for one thing... We didn't have a wedding officiant, which happens to kind of be a BIG DEAL, right?!  So, Aaron and I scowered the internet for pastors in the area and even "wedding officiants" by trade.  No one seemed right, so I e-mailed my mom in a bit of a panic, and asked her to pray about it for me.  Within 24 hours, I got an e-mail response from her telling me that she had prayed with my dad about it, and then talked with my uncle Jeff that night and he had told her that he would be honored to officiate our wedding!  I think I may have actually cried when I read that e-mail... My uncle Jeff is one of the most wonderful men I know, and I respect his marriage to my aunt Barb immensely!  They also happen to read this blog, religiously, so I knew he would be able to make the ceremony personal and comfortable... Only hurdle was, he wasn't ordained in the state of North Carolina.

Which leads me to my courthouse wedding!  Aaron and I decided that if Jeff would officiate the REAL WEDDING, we would have to do the legal ceremony a couple days before, at the Asheville courthouse.  So, on Wednesday, July 25th, we got out of bed early, but some nice clothes on, I made myself a little bouquet out of wild flowers, jumped in the car, in the pouring rain I might add, and headed for the courthouse.  First stop was the register of deeds where we had to apply for our marriage license.  The people working there were so sweet and super excited for Aaron and I.  The lady there even let me borrow her umbrella for our walk to the courthouse! :)

Aaron's mom and dad met us there and up to the 9th floor we went, where we waited patiently for the clock to strike 8:30 and the judge to come in for work!  Luckily, it was a beautiful view to enjoy while we waited...

... and Aaron's mom played photographer for us while we were all waiting...

Still waiting... I actually remember this moment clearly, sitting with Pegg.  We were chatting and in between words, I was thinking to myself, Okay, now what's gonna happen next?  When the judge comes in, will he start immediately?  Where will he ask us to stand?  Will he sit in his judges chair? Will we recite vows?  Will we use our rings?  I'm not sure either Aaron OR I were really ready when he finally came in.

 ... Because he literally came in, introduced himself, asked if we had rings (which we did) and asked us to stand here (pointing) and said, "Are you ready?"  hahaha!  I think we both kinda laughed and said, "Yep!"  ... and within seconds, we were in the middle of our courthouse wedding ceremony!  And for the record; Yes, we recited vows, Yes we exchanged rings, and Yes, I cried through 
the whole thing!

"By the state of North Carolina, I now pronounce you husband and wife"
What courthouse wedding is complete without a fist pump (and a double chinned bride!  LOL)?!   

And here it is folks, our official 1st kiss as "legal" husband and wife!  Smooshed cheeks and all... :)

*** HUGE thanks to Pegg for photographing!  I love that we have these pictures to look back on.

Mom of the groom, happily signing the witness line...

Dad of the groom singing his name on the witness line too...

The papers that make us stuck for life! :)  MAN, I LOVE THESE PAPERS!

I'm happy that Pegg and Keith were able to make it to be witnesses for the legal part!

... and I'm of course thankful for this great guy, who "legally" married us in a record 2 minutes! :) 

When we walked out of the courthouse, there was an elderly couple sitting on a bench outside.  They clapped for us and congratulated us on our marriage, and the wife told us that we had picked a GREAT day to get married, because it was THEIR wedding anniversary too!  They had been married for 54 years.

... and I'm sure we'll beat them!  Even if we won't be celebrating this day as our wedding anniversary. 

We basked in our "legal marriage" for the next hour or so and then Aaron slipped his ring off and we went back to being fiance's. In our opinions, the legal part of a wedding is important no doubt, (gotta love the perks of filing taxes jointly!) but it's the commitment we made in front of God and our friends on our REAL WEDDING DAY (July 28th) that makes us husband and wife... so while this courthouse wedding was important to our country, July 28th, was important to US!  We'll cherish that day forever.  *** The REAL WEDDING blog is coming... I promise! 

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