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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gran's garden party!

Aaron is sssoooo lucky to still have his 2 grandmother's around!  ...And even luckier that they adore him and happen to live within a mile of each other!  His mom's mom, who he lovingly calls "Gran" wanted to throw us a "Garden Party / pre-wedding party / a party where my family could meet hisa nd asked if that would be alright!  I was ecstatic, of course, and we both agreed!  

While we were busy planning for the wedding here in Korea, Gran, Aaron's mom, Aaron's aunts and even uncle's spent hours and hours and hours painting the house, buying some new furniture, and working in the sun, pruning and planting flowers galore in Gran's front garden, for the celebration!  We couldn't let them do all the work alone though, so on Tuesday, a couple days before the party, Aaron, his mom and I headed over to Gran's to help out!

I'd like to say that I was a big help, but with not a lot of time to spare before the wedding, I plopped down and did some last minute wood staining for the wedding signs...

... while Aaron jumped in and got his hands dirty with the garden tools!  I love this photo of them being silly.  They have such a sweet bond as mom and son. :)

... and his sweet aunt Terri was there to lend a hand too!

Cash was there too, to look cute and keep everyone company!  Man, I love this guy!

While I think Cash is warming up to me, he definitely knows who his dad is! Look at this concentration.

Jump to Thursday ~ the Garden Party!

*** BTW: I forced myself to edit these photos with Photoshop instead of my VERY SIMPLE windows photo gallery editing program that I've been using for years.  Hey, if I wanna help Aaron out one day with the business, I have to learn how to use the big boy programs, right?!
The party went off without a hitch!  It was the first time my family and Aaron's mom's side AND dad's side ever met!  I think it went better than I could have imagined, thanks to all the hard work from Gran, Pegg, Terri, Joe, Carol, Joe, and anyone else who made it happen behind the scenes!

Everyone was asked to wear a name tag with a description of how they were related to Aaron or I.
I love that Cash (OUR dog) got his own little nametag!

The food was ALL homemade and perfectly southern!

Speaking of bringing families together... Having my father in law under one arm and my dad under the other makes me one happy girl!  I love these guys!

 Me, with Aaron's 2nd cousin Hannah... What a doll, right?!  I would kill for her hair!

Maybe this is where I get my love for photography from... my sister!

Aaron's aunt Terri presented me with the most special gift that she had put together... As she handed it to me she said, "Jill, The Osteen and Rozzell family present you the gift of our Aaron."  It was an album all about Aaron, with pictures of him through the years, actual pictures that he had drawn and colored for family members as a child, funny notes he had written when he was little, and personal letters from each family member telling a memory they remember of Aaron through the years!  It is soooo awesome!

Such a special gift...

Aaron's sister Ali and cousin Jody were the ladderball / cornhole champs of the day!

This is my beautiful 2nd cousin Shelby!  Today was the first time we ever met in person!  We've been facebook friends for years, thank goodness for social networking, right?!  She's such a special girl.

These are my two ADORABLE flower girls!  They also happen to be Aaron's 2nd cousins and the sweetest little things... Sophie and Hannah

Aaron set up his tripod so we could get some family photos together!  The Hoppy/McCallister side of the family was up first! From left to right: MY uncle Jeff, aunt barb, dad, mom, me, A, 2nd cousin Shelby, cousin Jen, aunt Judie, and sister Amy.

Make a silly face!

The Osteen side of the family! From left to right:
(Me, A, Aaron's sister Ali, aunt Vicki, uncle Jed, aunt Sherry, dad's wife Kaye, and dad Keith.

The Rozzell side of the family!
From left to right: Aaron's cousin's husband Jay, cousin Nancy, uncle Joe, aunt Carol, sister Ali, mom Pegg, Gran, Aaron, Me, 2nd cousin Sophie, 2nd cousin Yates, 2nd cousin Hannah, aunt Terri, cousin Amy, cousin Olivia, uncle Joe, cousin Andrew, and cousin Jody.

Make a funny face!

The lady of the day... GRAN!
Thank you Gran, for opening your house and heart for all of these people to celebrate and be together!

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