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Monday, June 25, 2012

My weekend get away!

When you're planning a wedding, it can feel as if ALL of your free time is spent planning, researching, organizing, crafting, and dreaming about the big event!  It can be overwhelming, and even the best of em' need a little weekend getaway sometimes!  I was no exception!

On Friday, after work, I treated myself to a visit at the hair salon, where the stylist curled my hair in gorgeous waves (crap, this was actually as a trial run for the wedding to see if my hair would hold curl...)  Guess it is kinda hard to completely pull away from planning sometimes!  I felt like a million bucks and just ended up going home and watching TV with my styled hair!  I'm so boring sometimes...

Saturday, I got up, threw my Adidas on, and jumped on a city bus to the back of the island, where I got off and ran/hiked up and down the coast!  It's times like this that I'll miss when I leave Korea. (iphone pic)

  I say I "hiked", because check out these stairs!  The coast-path is up and down, up and down, up and down, for about 2 miles!  It's a killer on your legs, but that's the point, right?! (iphone pic)

Later Saturday afternoon, I took a bus over to Gill's apartment in Kyungsung to meet up with her and Sam for some relaxing girl time!  They are sooooo on the same page as me when it comes to weekends!  We love just laying low and watching movies together, or talking about life, love, relationships, travel, the future!  They're the kinds of friends I seriously thank God for on a daily basis! :)  At around 7:30pm, we walked over to a Moksal (pig neck BBQ) restaurant for dinner.  Sounds disgusting, tastes amazing!  You'll just have to trust me on that one!  Then, we capped off the night at Fully Booked, a quaint little American owned and run, English book cafe/bar in Kysungsung.  (google images)

There are hundreds of used books that you can sit and read for free, or buy for a minimal price. Or, you can grab a board game and have at it!  We went with the later and grabbed Scattegories, which oddly enough, neither of them had ever played!  Guess that's what happens when you grow up in South Africa! ***  It didn't matter, Gill still worked both of us!  It really wasn't even close!

Sunday was another fantastically mellow, wedding-planning-free day!   Aaron and I rode the scooter over to Seomyeon to meet Meg and Dave for lunch at Fuzzy Navel Tacos!  They wanted to treat us to lunch for doing their photos last weekend!  Before we all knew it, 3 1/2hours had gone by, and we were still lounging, laughing, and sharing stories at our table!  

... well, and drinking Margaritas too!  YUM!

This weekend was the PERFECT wedding weekend getaway!  Not sure I'll be able to pull it off again in the next month, but I'll sure try! :)

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