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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

89 cents!

I took a run over to the grocery store, tonight, to pick up some veggies!  Then, on my way home, I walked through the outdoor market to pick up the rest!  The last thing on my list was cherry tomatoes.  I knew of a lady who was selling a bowl of them for 1,000 won (89 cents), so I went straight to her.  She shook her head, telling me in Korean, that the 1,000 won bowl of tomatoes weren't delicious, and that I should get the bigger ones for 5,000 won.  Nice strategy lady... but you can't fool me!  I grabbed one from the bowl, and sure enough, it was GREAT!  So, I went ahead and bought them!  She poured the bowl of tomatoes into a black plastic bag for me and then literally reached her hand into a giant pile of cherry tomatoes and added about 4 heaps more to my bag!  I kept saying, "Wow, thank you!  Oh my gosh, Thank you!"  With a big smile, she handed me about 150-200 cherry tomatoes for... 89 cents!  

She's definitely my new favorite market lady!

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