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Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm toxic...

...Or at least I WAS toxic, before I stuck these magic detoxifying pads on my feet!  

Aaron and I were at Daiso the other day and he grabbed these off the shelf and said, "We gotta try these!"   I'm always up for a fun herbal medicine remedy (as long as I don't have to drink or chew it! Those always seem to be more trouble than they're worth.)  A sticker on my foot that pulls toxins out of my body though?  Well, that's about as easy as it gets, right?

So, off I went!  I stuck it right onto the sole of my foot and sat at my kitchen table, working on the wedding music playlist!  (My typical Friday night activity for the last couple weeks.)  I left it on for an hour... although I read later that you should sleep overnight with them.  Oops!  Funny side note, they start to smell like BBQ, and I kept thinking, Wow, the BBQ place under my apartment smells really great tonight!  They must have a lot of business. That, of course, was before I read online that they smell like BBQ when applied! 

After an hour, I pealed them off, and was horrified!  OMG!  That's disgusting!  I knew they would turn brown, but gross!  

I DID buy these at the equivalent of the America's dollar store, so I'm not totally sure they're legit, but according to their website, the benefits are: 
1. To promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath, and abdominal distention.
2. To get rid of impurities, body and foot odor. 
3. To activates cells to reproduce healthy skin and anti-aging. 
4. To balance the body organ function, blood fat, lower blood pressure, and reduce blood sugar.  

So, with that said, who's gonna try em'?!

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