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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meg and Dave

Aaron and I had the pleasure of doing an anniversary photoshoot with Meg and Dave Rushbrook for their 5 year wedding anniv!  They happened to have come to Korea at the exact same time as us, 3 1/2 years ago, yet we had never gotten together until now because they live on the far, far, far end of Busan!  :(

We decided to meet at a bus stop on the back of Yeongdo island and hike to our location, which happened to be about 200-300 steps down to the beach... great on the leg muscles!  Luckily, we were able to stop and take a couple breaks on the beautiful pathway leading down to snap some photos!  Here's a lil sneak peak of the photoshoot.  Wait till you see Aaron's photos!  Eeekkkk!  Stunning, as always! 

They are totally in love and you can tell with every kiss!  Anytime we would snap a kissing photo, Dave would ask if we needed another take!  It was so cute and endearing. He definitely adores his wife!

I happened to have discovered this beach on Wednesday when I was out jogging around the island.  I completely fell in love and knew it would be perfect for a photoshoot!  Problem is, there's no easy way to get down there, or back up for that matter, but when Meg and Dave said they loved the location and didn't mind the trek, I was thrilled!  Meg went above and beyond and packed and ENTIRE picnic for the shoot!  Then, after the sun went down, the four of us got comfy on the blanket and chatted for a long time while the waves crashed nearby and the moon lit up the water!  It's was GORGEOUS!!!
We were having so much fun getting to know each other that they asked if they could take us to coffee before they headed home!  We weren't about to turn down a coffee date, especially with these two! :)  So, we spent the next two hours in a coffee shop on the island laughing and sharing stories!   It was such a fun, fun night with these two!  The full photo shoot will be up on in the next week or so, so be looking out! 

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  1. Awwww.... we had so much fun with you guys! I can't believe we didn't hang out before! We can't wait to see the pics! You guys are so talented- we feel privileged that you shared your talents with us!