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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Since I've been running with the wedding, Aaron went ahead and took charge of the honeymoon, which I LOVE!  There's nothing better than traveling somewhere and not having to do any research!   In the last couple days, he decided that we're going to stay our first night in the adorable Red Rocker Inn, which happens to be RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the house we're getting married at, so we can literally walk there!  YAY! 
It was built back in 1896 and has all the charm you would imagine something that old having!

The next morning, we'll drive to Charlotte to catch a flight to....
Munich, Germany, then rent a car and drive through Salsburg, Austria and spend a couple nights in the quaint and charming lake village of Hallstatt, Austria.

 Have you ever seen something more charming?!  It's so different than anything we've seen in the last 3 1/2 years of living in Asia.  I think that's why we instantly fell in love and knew it was where we wanted to spend the majority of our 4 day honeymoon!

The village of Hallstatt can easily be covered by foot in under and hour, and while we love the intimacy of small foreign villages, we weren't sure we'd be up for spending a full 60 hours here, which is where our little rental car comes in!  Say hello to our teeny tiny mercedes that we rented!  Aaron has found a few other darling villages nearby that we can jump in the car and drive over to to explore and maybe have lunch or a quick hike at...  pretty excited about what this lil guy is going to be able to allow us to see!

Now to the hotel!  Aaron found an awesome place for us to stay, and it's right on the lake!  Yes please!  Not only is it the OLDEST hotel in Hallstatt (built in the 15th century as a family theater and renovated into a hotel in 1882) but it's right in the center of town, has a lovely restaurant right on the lake, breakfast is included, and there's a free canoe for us to take out on the lake whenever we please!
Photos of Gasthof Simony, Hallstatt

The car and the hotel have been booked and I am soooo excited to get there and enjoy my first couple days as a wife with my sweet husband by my side! :)

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