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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I like to think of myself as a really great sharer! (Is that a word?) I share my clothes, shoes, apartment, money, time, talents, and even money! I share everything, unless it's.... FOOD!

For whatever reason, I've always been terrible at sharing my food! If Aaron takes a bite of my sandwich I feel like the world is over, or if one of my older coworkers asks if they can have my last piece of fruit at lunch I have a hard time not holding a grudge! Seriously! It's intense!

Today was no exception! A huge box of Clif bars that I had ordered from America arrived at my desk after lunch, and my two co-teachers instantly swarmed around me asking if they could please have one! AAAAAHHHH! My precious Clif bars!!! I handed them each one with a smile on my face and sadness in my heart and quickly sealed the box!

Then, when I was walking home, I ran into another co-worker who inquired about what was in my giant box and I had to give one to her too! Nnnoooo!!

Korea is a culture built on sharing food with one another... It's one of the only things I won't miss when I leave. For now, I'll just suck it up, try and figure out what my issue is with sharing food, and hide my precious Clif bars under my bed until I've learned how to share nicely! Hey, we've all got our issues, right?!


  1. I am TOTALLY the same about my food!!!! It's really bad. I go in to animalistic survival mode when my food is concerned. I must say, I HAVE improved since being here. But this post really struck a nerve with me! I LOVE it!

  2. I have similar feelings! If I bake something, I don't mind sharing at fact, I like when people love what I made. However, if it is something on my plate that I intend to consume, I hate to share it! You are not alone my friend, haha.