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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Play time / attack time!

While I've always wanted a cat to cuddle with, unfortunately Kitty ISN'T that cat!  He'd much rather be playing with his new laser toy, looking out the window, hiding in my closet, or sitting next to me while I'm doing an art project.  I will say though that he's getting better at letting me hold him!  I usually get him in my arms for at least 45 seconds before he attempts to bite me!  haha

Aaron and I have been busy making our wedding invites, and putting together our Save The Dates, so there have been lots of paper scraps and art supplies lying around!  We thought Kitty would have fun playing with this string, so we hung it around over his head, hoping he'd play...

... there we go!  He finally took a liking to it and started getting interested...

...and then came the attack!  
Kitty is either the sweetest little guy or a crazy lil' Ninja cat (hence his former name!)

For those of you who come to visit... Beware!!  ... and cover your feet if you stay the night!  Kitty definitely thinks the best way to play or wake me up is by batting at and biting my feet until I get up!
But rest assured, a spray bottle has been bought and the good kitty training has officially commenced!
Wish me luck!

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  1. I highly recommend watching "My Cat from Hell" on youtube, if you can. Even if your cat isn't "from hell" there are some great tips and ideas that will help your cat relax in your place and keep it from biting or attacking strangers (and i should know, ours is on Paxil.)