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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Guess who bought a new scooter?!  We did!  The old scooter wouldn't start and was getting kinda rusty, so we went out and bought ourselves a new ride!  Hey for only $500, why not, right?!   We bought him just in time, because today's weather was GORGEOUS!  It's been the warmest day in probably 7 months, and sunny sunny sunny! Spring is FINALLY here!

We started the day by scooting over to Cafe Benne for some coffee...

and yummy lemon-ade!  BTW: Does anyone have a recipe for lemonade syrup?   I'm dying to make some at home, since this measly cup at the cafe cost me (actually Aaron) $5.00!  I know I can make it for a fraction of the price and in the comfort of my own home, just can't seem to find a good recipe online!  HELP  

After Cafe Benne, we scooted over to our favorite art store in Seodaeshin-dong to pick up some more specialty paper for our wedding invites!  I love this wall of handmade Korean paper!  We're using a gorgeous golden yellow one for our invites!   

I decided to hand make all of the invitations!  It's a big project, but I wouldn't have it any other way! For me, it's not about saving money, it's simply about making something that's personal and one of a kind.  I want the recipients to be able to hold it in their hands and know that a lot of work and love went into it... just for them!  Hopefully they appreciate them! :)  I love this wall of paper in every color and texture imaginable!

After picking up some paper, we rode through the newly blossomed Cherry Blossom street nearby! 
(It's the best one in Busan, in my opinion)

... and then met up with Meagan on my street in Yeongdo for some HaeJang Gook (hangover soup), 

...because s-o-m-e-o-n-e (girl on the left - hint hint) had too much to drink last night! lol

 Luckily, the soup cured Meagan's hangover, so the 3 of us walked up to Aaron's school to throw the baseball around and enjoy the sunshine!

I think we've all been a little depressed lately with no sunshine and brutally cold and windy days and nights!  It's true what they say about having a vitamin D deficiency, because I haven't felt as cheerful or upbeat as I did today, in a long time, after being in the sun so much!

Aaron was in heaven!!  

Meagan too!

The three of us walked back to my place, made some banana bread muffins...

... and lounged around watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy and New Girl! 

Meagan left about 6:00pm, and Aaron and I scooted over to the island lighthouse to watch the sunset!  I spent the rest of the night sitting on my floor with Kitty, cutting and folding paper for the wedding invitation envelopes!  I'm pretty excited about how everything is coming together! :)  Can't wait to send them out in a couple months!

Hoping that tomorrow will be as gorgeous and full of smiles and sunshine as today was!

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