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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hunger Games

Aaron and I met up with our new friends Ashley and Adam to see the Hunger Games tonight!   
Aaron and I both read the first book and were excited to see it on the big screen!  
I was a fan... Aaron was a critic!  Can't make everyone happy, I guess!

We saw it at a theater in Nampodong that has a front entrance into the theater... ie, the door to the theater is near the screen and you have to walk up the stairs to get to your seat.  About 10 seconds into the movie, a woman in her 30's walked in the door and immediately tripped over a step and went face forward onto the ground, popcorn and coke flying in the air!   I'm not gonna lie, it was really funny!  I'm SORRY!  But what was even funnier was when her boyfriend reached for his phone and shined a flashlight app down on her from about the 10th row, basically spotlighting her for everyone to see, as she attempted to get off the ground and collect herself!  It's bad enough that she fell... but then her boyfriend spotlighted her for everyone to see!  We all probably giggled about it for at least 5 minutes!

Luckily she was fine, just a bit embarrassed... the movie was great, and having Ashley and Adam with us was just icing on the cake!  Who doesn't love double dates to the movies?!

BTW: Special shout out to my dad who turned the BIG 66 today!  Love you dad!

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