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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 6: Eat, Drink, Swim, Repeat.

Today's pictures are pretty self explanatory, so I'll save myself some time and just say, "Here you go!" :)

Lunch at Wahine Bar, on Diniwid Beach.  We walked there and then swam back over to Spider House!

Diniwid Beach.  Spider House is at the far end of the land behind me.

Happy girl! :)

Taken before we swam home! :)

Zena and Clement.  Zena is one of the servers here and Clement is the manager!  They're both super awesome and sweet!

Ordered a screwdriver, but got a sunrise.  Ehhh, still yummy!

During the day, Spider House is completely empty!  It's usually just Aaron, me, and the workers, who we love!  At night though it gets packed!  These were taken just as people were starting to get here for dinner.

We walked over to a resort nearby for dinner and then took a tuk tuk downtown for some coffee!  Before dinner though, I got ready in my room while watching the sunset out my balcony!  I could DEFINITELY get used to this kind of life!

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