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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 7: A little bit of nothing! :)

Once again, we snorkeled!  Surprise surprise, right? I laughed so hard when I saw this picture, because we were trying to take a cute picture and I thought I was smiling underwater! It obviously doesn't look like that with a snorkel mask on does it?!  haha Good to know for next time!

The staff here is FANTASTIC!  The longer we stay the more we're getting to know each of them! :)  This is Clement's girlfriend and she's a night server here.

This is the lovely Coco. :)  Coco lives here, so she's here ALL the time! 
We've gotten to know her really well and really love her!

This is Diniwid.  He's the bartender at Spider House and he also lives here!   Sometimes I come down early in the morning and he's sleeping on one of the benches in the restaurant! :)

We had some drinks here at Spider House tonight amogst the party crowd!

What a cutie, huh?!

Mmmm, a screwdriver!  It's my fav!

Aaron and Coco!  She/He's crazy about Aaron and always asks me where he is!  It's really funny!   We caught him/her taking a picture of Aaron with his shirt of the other day!

Aaron had the genius idea of making travel dominos!  We love to play, but never bring any because they're so heavy! So, we took an empty coffeemaker box from downstairs, cut up the cardboard and created our own carboard travel dominos! :)

We plopped down at a floor table in the bar and played to 250! 
It was a close game, but A came through in the end and won!

The weather is gorgeous again tonight.  The water is calm; the sky is clear and filled with stars, and my guy and I are taking it all in!   Feeling blessed again tonight!  

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